Friday, November 26, 2010


A fanfic by MidniteLulz

Once upon a time, there was a continget of space marines. This contigent was called "Ho-Goku Tea Time" and they were the strongest space marines in the world. They used the power of song to defeat the enemies of Humanity. There were names "Ritsu 'The Rock' Jonson, Yui 'Metal Head' Joshon, Mio 'Deathhaver' Junson, and Mugi ' The Moogster' Josoon. They were in a space marine band because their all were named simliiar to johnson. They made music. Music of battle.

"For the Empernyan! said Ritsu. She swung her drumsticks and hit her drum kit which was a bolter and it shot some orkz. 

"NEEDS MORE MUCKA!" said the ork, and grabbed his sword. He leapted at Ritsu, who gasped in shock and dropped her drumsticks, but she didn't die because Yui swung her chain-guitar and cut the ork into 4 pieces.

"Thanks, Metal Head" said Ritsue. "NO problem The Rock" said Yui.

Suddenly, there was a giant ork who was carrying a tank like a gun. There was a tank because they were on earth in the past. They were time-travellers, too.

"BANG" he banged, and shot them with bullets. They flew backwards, but Mio used her magical space marine powers to make a giant pillow and they were okay. Then Mugi ran a comb throu her hair and grabbed a lazer gun out of her leather jacket's pocket.

"There is nos ponn." she said, and shot the ork. The ork exploded into a bunch of tiny orks, and they stepped on the orkz.

"Good mission." said Commisar Sawako, their teacher and also commisar.

"Thanks." They said.

"Now get back to the base, we are going to ahve a party. THer is someone new I want you to meet."


Thursday, November 25, 2010


A First of the North Star/ Peanuts crossover by MidniteLulz

Fist of the NOrth star is copyrite Someone guy in japan who also made DBZ.
Peanuts is copyrite Charles Shulz

Herr Brown who was Charlie Brown except evil and in the furure, looked up at the shadow and frowned. 

"who are you?" he asked, holding his gun up.,

"My name..." said Joe Coolshiro, "is Joe coolshiro."

Joe Coolshiro was a big muscular guy in a torn vest only he was a dog with sunglasses.

"What." yelled Herr Brown.

Suddenly, JOe Coolshiro punched him in the face. "you are already ded" he said, and CHarlibe Brown's face expldoed.

"HOORAY!" said everyone, until Linus said "ha!'

"I am a spy! He yelled, and pulled out a bigger gun.

"Oh no! Joo Colshiro, help us!" they asked.

"I can't his gun is too big." said Joe Coolshiro, who was alergic to cool guns.

"I need my brother Kenshiro, he doesn't afraid of guns.
Then Kenshiro was there and he went super-sayain and killed Link.

"Hooray, we are saved!" said everyone, except sally who kild her self because her sweet bagboon was dead.

The end.

PS., The desert turned to sea, cause the sea is a desrt with its life undergorn. and a perfect disgus abov. THen everyone had food and wa happy cause theye were pirates.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A fanfiction by Midnitelulz

dbz is copywrite bandai. martha stewart is copyrite nobody cuz you cant copyrite people.

Chichi walked into the house and was very shocked to see her husband and her son having asex with all these pbeiple, especaily her guest martha Sterwrat.

:goku, that is not hospitality!" she cryed. "let me show you hospitaltiy >:) she grinned like that evil.

She undied her pants to revel a super-long mega-dildo taped to her forehead. "UR SUPERSAIYAN, BUT I'M SUPER-SEXAN' (lololol) she yeld, and headbut martha stewart in the face with her dong forehead face.

"arglblarg' said martha sterwar, because she had a dong in her mouth, and couldn't talk at all.

"okay, that's " said goku, and went supersaiyan 65 in her vagind. suddenly, someone else came in the room and it was vegeta, who glowed at goku and said "karkarrot kamiket karkat kakkkoro goku, you have to stop sex, there is great danger.!"

Oh no, "said goku, and he grabed martha sterwrat by the hips and aimed at the sky with his her.

"CUM-E-HAM-EHA!" he rored and shot web inside martha sterwat, who was blasted into the skky from the impolse. The evil was hit in the face with martha stwerat, who suddenly pulled out some potpurrri cannon and killed him with her it.

"good, we win." said krillin, who was dying from being hit by a car.

The end.

PS, then they used the dragon balls to have sex rorever.

Thrilling narrative, no? How about something different?

A Fist of the North Star/Peanuts crossover by MidniteLulz

Once upon a tiem, there was the peanuts gang, only they were in the future and it was very dark and gloomy because all the plants turned into desserts. The gang was dancing in the sand because schredder was playing his piano and they were trying to be happy, but all in the desert was only sadness.
"I wish we could have happy again" said Sally, who was hugging LInus, because he wes her sweet bagboon, but he wasn't really. He was a spy.

"The great pumpkin will save us!" said Linux. 

:No." said Peppermint Patty, his sister. Linus stared at her.

'you'll see, the great pumpkin will save us."

Suddely, charlie brown, the leader of the bad guys, came riding up on a horse or a motercycle.
"Giv me your foods." he said holind a gun in his hand.

"you blockhead, " said lucy, before Charlie brown shot her in the face.

"anyone else want to smart talk at me haed?" said Herr Brown, cause that's what he was calling himself cause he was evil now, and had a pointy helment.

"No." said linus.

"Yes" said Marcie, and charlie brown shot her.

"oh no" said everyone. they were very sadder because they would soon die.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared.


Need more ideas. I'm gonna burn through them all very fast at this rate.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Good Houskeping Part 2
A Fanfioc by MidnightLulz

DBZ char copyright AKIRA something.

Marthat sterwat copyrithg herself

A green lgiht was in the door of Goku's house as goku and gohane fuckd marhta sterawtr.

"Hey can i join in? a voice asked them "sure" goku smiled.

Picolol, who was gokus frend and teacher, walked over behind goku and rubed his nipples

"oh, goku, you got so big" my picolo dick isbig ust thinking bout it"

he bent over goku and put it in his ass.

"oh, fels so good, " picolo said, thrusting in an out of goku's ass, savorying the feel of his tatih anus on his cock

gohan frowned and waltked over to picolo"
"i want to fucekd too, picolo so piclol smiled and groaned. he popped up another dick on his leg, and gohan started fucking on his ass.

Marthat stewerat touched herself and said "i want a big dick in me," so she went over to goku and started to hump his dick

goku grabbed her and pulled her close, and kisd her lips, n she smiled at him.

Just then, chichi came in the house"oh my god" she said, droping her laundry.


Look forward to part three, and an upcoming fanfiction as well!