Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hello once again, True Believers! TO those of you who may be thinking about giving up, I implore you to stick with it. For those of you who already HAVE given up, it's never too late or too early to retry. Today's challenge is an easy one.


If you're anything like me, you might find it awkward to talk about small things with strangers or acquaintances. It is probably hard to think of things to talk about, which just leads to an all-around awkward situation. Today's challenge will help you avoid that, by arming you with deadly blades of pointless small-talk. Truth be told, a large majority of small-talk is just filler, empty words that fill the silence, but small-talk also serves a purpose of helping to ease into different subjects, essentially acting as a grease for conversation, rather than a jarring series of questions with one-word answers. For today's challenge, try practicing this with something or somebody.

Easy Mode: An inanimate object (Best to choose something resembling something living. Toasters or such would be a little weird, but stuffed animals or figures would be alright)
Casual Mode: A family member or close friend
Normal Mode: A stranger.
Heavy Mode: A person you have never met, but have seen a few times.
Nightmare Mode: A stranger at a party.
As usual, comment and such.

EDIT: I did  Normal Mode today, talking with a few people around my work. Not much of an issue, if you're in the service industry, although technically I don't deal with customers.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Good morning evening, True Believers! I apologize for the rather late posting of today's installment, and I realize that for some of you, it probably is not today any longer. I had internet troubles earlier today, and have been working since just after noon, so I have not had a chance to post. Well then, I suppose you get an easy one for today, then:


This is very vague, and purposefully so! Use whatever tools are at your disposal (Read: Internet, most likely) to research a bit about a culture unfamiliar to you, whether it be foreign, from the past, or some obscure sub-group of society. Keep in mind, this must be one UNFAMILIAR TO YOU. That means you could have heard about it, but you can't know much of anything about it. No cheating and doing something like "Indie musicians" or "gamer culture."

Pop culture does not count, no matter how removed from it you consider yourself. I think I'll investigate ancient Norse culture, because for such an interesting culture, I know ashamedly little. I think I'll start here with the basic page for early culture:

And then wikiwalk my way to more substantial information.

As usual, comment on what your plans are, how your previous challenges are going, and some motivation for fellow True Believers. I apologize that it is taking so long for the next Jimmy Nikola post, I've been busy with a lot of stuff. I'll try to get it up tonight, and if not, then tomorrow night.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Good morning, True Believers! Here once more for another exciting edition of Newvember? Let's get started, shall we?


Hobbies are a great way to enrich your life. They give you a productive outlet for creativity, fill time in meaningful ways that would otherwise be frittered away on VIDEYA GAEMS or otherwise, not to mention the fact that they broaden your spectrum as a person, and give you more utility and knowledge, as well as subjects to talk to others about.

But, what hobby should you take up? Hobby is a very vague term, and usually, things like collecting stamps or rocks or whatever come to mind. The challenge here is to apply something you are already good at, some aspect you excel in, towards a new hobby. Do you like music? Perhaps try your hand at an instrument. Enjoy reading? Perhaps try writing. For those who already have a productive hobby, like painting, drawing, photographing, sculpting, engineering, et all, perhaps try applying your skill in a different way. Try a new style of art, photograph something you don't usually photograph, try a different medium, challenge yourself to fix something you haven't attempted before.

If you don't already have a hobby, there are many different options available to you.

Here is a rather large list of hobbies, with guides for quite a few of them:

For today's challenge, I am going to continue writing, but that's too Easy Mode. I'm also going to attempt juggling. Here is a bonus Mode guide:

Easy Mode: Continue with hobbies you already have
Casual Mode: Apply the hobbies you have in a different way
Normal Mode: On top of your regular hobbies, add a new hobby.
Heavy Mode: Make the new hobby a productive hobby (As in, not "Sleeping" or "Watching TV")
Nightmare Mode: Make the new hobby something that takes dedication and practice (Drawing or art, Magic Tricks, anything physical, etc etc)

So, what are you going to do, True Believers? Comment for motivation, updates on challenges from other days, and plans for today's challenge.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Welcome, True Believers, to another day of Newvember. How is everybody doing so far? Good? Damn right, you're doing good! Let's get to business.


Yes, yes, I know. Maybe you don't want to exercise. Maybe you try to exercise but can't make yourself stick with it. Maybe you do exercise and are sitting here saying "Lol, today's challenge is in the BAG." Neither of this are valid excuses, this is Newvember, a chance to become better than what you were before. 

This might be a challenge for some people, but what it comes down to is your will to succeed. Motivation is probably the biggest challenge people will have with this one. This problem will likely come up disguised as "time." You have time to work out. If you are reading this blog post, then you definitely have a half hour a day you can spare. It all depends on how badly you want to improve yourself. 

This challenge is to START exercising, to begin. You must find a workout regimen that you can do on a regular basis, and you must stick with it for at least the rest of the month.

Here is my regimen so far, it's pretty shitty, but it's what I've been doing:

Mon/Wed: DDR (350 cal or 30 minutes), Fencing (45 minutes), Strength Training (30 minutes)
Tues/Thurs: DDR (350 cal or 30 minutes), Running (Couch To 5K program)

On weekends I work in a kitchen all day. I plan on adding some more stuff to that, but that is what I am doing right now. You don't have to try to match that, although it would be a huge step if you did (come at me, bro). Not that I'm bragging, I'm sure there are people who do a LOT more than me who are reading this.

Adding just one exercise to your daily routine can make a huge difference. You probably won't enjoy it during the act, but you will feel better afterward, and the long-term effects of doing it regularly far outweigh the short-term benefit of taking it easy instead.

Here are some resources to help you. 

The Couch To 5K Running Program: 

The routine I plan on following (Note: I don't know how great this routine is, you can probably ask someone on /fit/, as they know much more than I do):

Motivation: (Probably more or less NSFW, it's an archived thread from a certain popular image board.)

Until next time, True Believers! As always, feel free to comment on either your own exercising, your plans to exercise, motivation for fellow True Believers, or anything else related to Newvember. Feedback is appreciated as well.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Welcome, True believers! For those of you who have decided to try out Newvember, way to go! For those of you who haven't, there is still time to give it a try! I guarantee you won't regret it.

Today's Challenge Is:


It may not sound like much in the way of improvement, and it may in fact sound quite silly, but maintaining a clean living environment and good personal hygiene is a wonderful way to start improving your life. If you're anything like me, you often let your room get far too messy. If you're having trouble knowing where to start, here are some tips. You will definitely see improvement after your surroundings are clean, even if it's just a bit more comfort.

Besides doing some chores earlier today, I also cleaned up my room a bit during the writing of this post. I threw out a bunch of trash that had been accumulating, cleared my desk of useless stray junk, and even dusted a bit. Actually, the dusting in the middle of writing may not have been such a good idea, because it's going to give me a headache. Always remember to have good ventilation when you dust!

So, comment on anything you plan to do today for Newvember. Help motivate your fellow brothers!



You are now the DJ! You brush a hand across your brow, wiping away sweat that is cold, confused, and a little shocked that it is seeing the outside world. You are not used to all this exertion. The product of your uncharacteristic effort gleams in the flickering light of the church garage. While it certainly isn't a tank, the bus' windows are reinforced well enough to withstand any zombie assault. You doubt it will hold up for extended periods of time, but you only have to keep them from getting in until you leave the city.

You nod. "Very good. Time to finally start taking it easy."

Monday, November 1, 2010


As mentioned in my other post, to kick off Newvember, I have decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. NaNoWriMo is an organization, and a challenge. Basically, it calls on new writers to pledge to write 50,000 words towards a new novel in the month of November.

It's really expanded by leaps and bounds since it was first started in 1999. I figured, I might as well give it a shot. Truth be told, I don't really have a concrete idea for a story yet. I'm sure I'll figure something out, but if any of you guys got some ideas, I wouldn't be adverse to hearing them.

Is anyone else gonna do NaNoWriMo as well?

Speaking of writing, the Jimmy Nikola update is coming soon, as well.


Welcome, true believers, to the plan to become the man you could be, even if you are a woman. I am talking about a little thing called NEWVEMBER. I was going to say I made it up, but I did a paranoid Google search, and evidently, somebody else has made something similar before. This really shouldn't surprise me, but I will continue, undaunted, with my plan. I can't lay claim to the name Newvember, but can make my own Newvember thing, and I will take credit for it. ALL THE CREDIT. ALL OF IT.

But Marty Chang Mezzo, what is this "Newvember" thing? Good question!

Newvember is a month, taking place during June September November, in which we all try our best to enrich our lives, and become significantly more awesome. Every day, I will post a guide to do something new, a challenge, a plan, or an idea of some sort, which will make us all just a little more rad.  Even if you make only a few small changes during the month, if you stick with it every day, by December 1st, you will be Hella Rad.

That's a promise, bro.

This is all very vague, I'm sure, but it will hopefully become more clear as we go on.

Today's challenge is 

Obviously, there is not much time left today, but today's challenge is very small. All you must do is make the token effort to begin something new. You can start a project you've put on hold for a while. You can do that chore or task you have been putting off. You can start on your backlog, start a new Animu (Looking at you, Ken-Sama) or start reading a new book.

For Newvember, my Start Something task is another popular event which takes place in November, which I will address in a separate post.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Spooky tidings to all you true believers out there! May you have a spooky good time, no matter what you are doing. Adventuring recommences with fervor after the holiday. I've been slacking on quite a bit of stuff, but I'm gonna make November a month for getting back on track. Going to start exercising more, eating better (lol yeah right, Halloween candy), writing more frequently, and being generally more awesome.

I'll have a post detailing more stuff tomorrow, so maybe we can get a little more awesome together.

In the time being, enjoy this Halloween filler video