Friday, October 22, 2010


[X] Follow Rick up the stairs.

If he says that going out the exit isn't a great idea, you'd probably better not go. You're not sure why he would say that, but you can certainly think up a couple of different reasons, and none of them are very pleasant. The best bet is to try and find some way off the building from the roof. 

You set out for the stairs, and Rick starts talking.
"So, m'name's Rick. I worked here at InnerTech for probably, I'd say, 23 years. It's a pretty shitty job, lemme tell you. They had me on as a consultant. That place was so terrible. Even the coffee was trash. Blah blah blah blah."

You zone out as you start to climb the extremely long flight of stairs.


"Hey, open up! You guys didn't give up on me already, did you?" "Oh! Oh, he's back!"  Nancy shouts. You rise and heads to the door, releasing the intricate and subtle locking mechanism (A broom through the handle and a heavy table pressed against it). 

"C'mon, let me in already." Frank shouts.

You open the door, and three young ladies rush in, carrying a baseball bat, a plumber's wrench, and a large lawn dart.


Frank saunters in after them, wearing a blood-splattered tuxedo and reflective shades.

"Doing some shopping, huh? And here I thought you were having trouble." you comment blithely.

"Trouble? No way. I've covered wars, you know." 

"So you've said..." Drew drones. As a Vietnam vet, he doesn't care for Frank's blase attitude towards war. As a crotchety old man, he doesn't care for Frank's everything else.

"In any case, the clothes were just stuff I picked up along the way. I found survivors, and I also found what I was looking for." 

He holds up a copy of a videya gaem: "Fatal Frame."

"A videya gaem? Why would you grab one of those?" Nancy questionates.

"I think I might know why," you proffer, as Frank begins Enhancing his camera.

"That game is Fatal Frame. It's a horror game where you fight ghosts. The reason he grabbed it is because you fight them..."

He holds up his newly created Camera Obscura and focuses in on a mob of zombies outside.

He snaps off a photo, tagging 12 HORROR PP markers, 2 HUMOR PP markers, for a total of about 1,000 PP. 

"With a camera."

"Nice." Frank says, as the zombies all fall to the ground, dead.

"This baby should work nicely..."


One life story, and many stairs later, you reach the roof.

"And that's when I KNEW that I had dandruff." Rick explains.

You had worried, you supposed, that in a social situation you wouldn't know what to do. You had thought you might panic, and freeze up. In a way, Rick's tirade was not nearly as bad as you thought social interaction would be. In many other ways, it was even worse than you had ever dreamt.

"So, that's when I started taking the third medication. My fourth medication was for my explosive diarrhea that the second and third made when taken together. Hoo man! You do NOT want to hear about that. Anyways, that had me on the can for..."

Oh lord, no.

You speedwalk away from him as quickly as possible. You come to the edge of the building and briefly debate jumping to escape, before you look down.


You had thought it was just a game. You could kind of play your way through the zombie apocalypse. Perhaps it was just delusion. Perhaps it was wishful thinking. Either way, if this was a game, the learning curve was one hell of a killer. As you stare down, you can see all the way to the mall from here. The parking lot swarms with zombies. There are easily 500, and more are trudging their way towards the mall.

Why the hell do zombies love malls? You don't get it. 

Rick wipes his sweaty brow and whistles.

"That's a lot of zombies."

"So, anyways, the bridge is on the other side of the building here. My coworkers were headed for the hospital. There's an evac station there. I think I'm gonna head that way too. Are you coming with?"

[]Go with Rick
[]Go to the mall
[]Talk to everyone on F.O.R.T.U.N.E. before deciding.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


"Holy shit..."

You sheath your sword and start heading for an entrance again.

"H-hey, wait up!"

Ohgodhe'sfollowingyou. Don't panic, Jimmy. Just remain calm. Just ignore him and maybe he'll go away.

The man catches up to you, huffing slightly.

"My name is Richard. Richard Astley. No relation to the singer. Tesla, huh? That's an, uh... interesting name."

Oh jesus. You stare at him, eyes bugging out of your head. He's going to say that it's a fake name. He's going to call your bluff and then where will you be? What, are you going to argue with him that it's your real name? Are you going to confess that you lied and be back to square one? What next?

The man steps back -somewhat startled- and raises his hands defensively. "Hey, don't get me wrong, guy! It's a fine name. Tesla! Right on! Ha... haha..."

You turn back around. Looks like you get to play pretend a little longer. Now then, where is this exit?

The hallway ahead glows with the dim green light of the exit sign, mounted above a door. Perfect. You head for it.

"Whoah, buddy! You do NOT wanna go out there. Trust me. If you're looking for a way out, some people said they were gonna go by the rooftops. I was gonna go with them, but a bunch of those blue guys cut me off. But hey, I bet they're no problem for you, right? Eheh..."

Hmm. What do?

[]Go through the Emergency Exit
[]Follow Rick up the stairs to the roof
[]Go back to the main entrance and try something else

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Good Times For All


[X] Help the Man

He saved your ass (possibly literally). The least you can do is return the favor. You grab your sword and head in the direction the ghost ran. You turn the corner and dart through the maze of corridors. Only a few flashes of blue ahead lead the way. You are reminded somewhat of the Woods of Mystery. Following the light, just barely keeping up, you quickly come to a large, open cubicle bullpen.

All the furniture is astray, leaving a large, open area in the center. It seems as if the cubicle walls had been used along with the desks to form a barricade. A barricade which has since been overrun. You kick aside a larger piece of fabric-covered wall and take a few tentative steps into the room.

"Stop moving!" a voice hisses.

You spin around to find the man hiding , curled under a desk.

"They can't see you if you don't move!"

"Isn't that T-rexes?"

A screech fills the air, and a zombie lands directly in front of you. The ghost has revealed itself.

"Finally decided to show your face, huh you son of a... wait, what?"

This zombie is most decidedly not a Ghost. Its limbs hang lanky and frail, with an abnormally large barrel-chest. A yellow aura glows around it, sparkling off its arms, which seem to be covered in a fine ash.

"Yellow? Did that guy say anything about yellow ones?"

You briefly consider looking up the post again, when the zombie answers your question by opening large pores on its arms and jettisoning out a hot stream of fire, which covers its arms.

"WHAT" you what.

The Hellspitter brings up its burning arms. It doesn't seem as if the fire is affecting him in any way, other than the obvious way of being absolutely terrifying. He advances towards you, drooling flame.

"DON'T JUST STAND THERE! FIGHT!" The man urges you.

You snap out of your trance just in time, blocking a swing of his arms. You are surprised to find that as frail-looking as they were, the arms are not lacking on hardness. In fact, you would go so far as to say they are arms of steel, cliches be damned.

You thrust against his assault, sending him stumbling back a few feet. He swings his arms in the air, leaving an intimidating streak of fire behind. You swing your own sword, leaving a  snowy trail behind. You're not sure why you did that, you just felt compelled.



Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I've been preparing a super-large post to celebrate getting 100 followers. I won't say much more on the subject rather than "woo 100 followers" because I want to acknowledge it in a more significant way.

Just bear with me a bit longer, I'll post it by tomorrow afternoon.