Friday, November 26, 2010


A fanfic by MidniteLulz

Once upon a time, there was a continget of space marines. This contigent was called "Ho-Goku Tea Time" and they were the strongest space marines in the world. They used the power of song to defeat the enemies of Humanity. There were names "Ritsu 'The Rock' Jonson, Yui 'Metal Head' Joshon, Mio 'Deathhaver' Junson, and Mugi ' The Moogster' Josoon. They were in a space marine band because their all were named simliiar to johnson. They made music. Music of battle.

"For the Empernyan! said Ritsu. She swung her drumsticks and hit her drum kit which was a bolter and it shot some orkz. 

"NEEDS MORE MUCKA!" said the ork, and grabbed his sword. He leapted at Ritsu, who gasped in shock and dropped her drumsticks, but she didn't die because Yui swung her chain-guitar and cut the ork into 4 pieces.

"Thanks, Metal Head" said Ritsue. "NO problem The Rock" said Yui.

Suddenly, there was a giant ork who was carrying a tank like a gun. There was a tank because they were on earth in the past. They were time-travellers, too.

"BANG" he banged, and shot them with bullets. They flew backwards, but Mio used her magical space marine powers to make a giant pillow and they were okay. Then Mugi ran a comb throu her hair and grabbed a lazer gun out of her leather jacket's pocket.

"There is nos ponn." she said, and shot the ork. The ork exploded into a bunch of tiny orks, and they stepped on the orkz.

"Good mission." said Commisar Sawako, their teacher and also commisar.

"Thanks." They said.

"Now get back to the base, we are going to ahve a party. THer is someone new I want you to meet."


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