Monday, November 1, 2010


Welcome, true believers, to the plan to become the man you could be, even if you are a woman. I am talking about a little thing called NEWVEMBER. I was going to say I made it up, but I did a paranoid Google search, and evidently, somebody else has made something similar before. This really shouldn't surprise me, but I will continue, undaunted, with my plan. I can't lay claim to the name Newvember, but can make my own Newvember thing, and I will take credit for it. ALL THE CREDIT. ALL OF IT.

But Marty Chang Mezzo, what is this "Newvember" thing? Good question!

Newvember is a month, taking place during June September November, in which we all try our best to enrich our lives, and become significantly more awesome. Every day, I will post a guide to do something new, a challenge, a plan, or an idea of some sort, which will make us all just a little more rad.  Even if you make only a few small changes during the month, if you stick with it every day, by December 1st, you will be Hella Rad.

That's a promise, bro.

This is all very vague, I'm sure, but it will hopefully become more clear as we go on.

Today's challenge is 

Obviously, there is not much time left today, but today's challenge is very small. All you must do is make the token effort to begin something new. You can start a project you've put on hold for a while. You can do that chore or task you have been putting off. You can start on your backlog, start a new Animu (Looking at you, Ken-Sama) or start reading a new book.

For Newvember, my Start Something task is another popular event which takes place in November, which I will address in a separate post.


  1. Era (too lazy to log in)November 1, 2010 at 6:55 PM

    Is Ken-Sama a friend of yours? His blog confuses me ._.

    I will start on that report that's due tomorrow that I've had half the semester to do! Yay! -shot-

  2. Start something? Do I have to finish it?

  3. Im going to write a 50k word novel

  4. I like this Newvember, as it's my birth month - perfect time to redefine.

    I started something last night - the November challenge for 750words.

  5. I Ken-Sama shall take you up on this challenge with my honor. I shall defeat it and reign with my spirit you can count on Ken-Sama.