Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Welcome, True believers! For those of you who have decided to try out Newvember, way to go! For those of you who haven't, there is still time to give it a try! I guarantee you won't regret it.

Today's Challenge Is:


It may not sound like much in the way of improvement, and it may in fact sound quite silly, but maintaining a clean living environment and good personal hygiene is a wonderful way to start improving your life. If you're anything like me, you often let your room get far too messy. If you're having trouble knowing where to start, here are some tips. You will definitely see improvement after your surroundings are clean, even if it's just a bit more comfort.

Besides doing some chores earlier today, I also cleaned up my room a bit during the writing of this post. I threw out a bunch of trash that had been accumulating, cleared my desk of useless stray junk, and even dusted a bit. Actually, the dusting in the middle of writing may not have been such a good idea, because it's going to give me a headache. Always remember to have good ventilation when you dust!

So, comment on anything you plan to do today for Newvember. Help motivate your fellow brothers!


  1. gotta tell ya, i didnt understand this in my younger years, but im glad i learned!

  2. I was going to clean up today anyway. It's going to take the whole day~

  3. I cleaned up my desk, feels good man

  4. I refuse to clean, I choose to live in my own filth.

  5. Bleehhh, I'm tired though :<
    I guess I'll clean up my room a bit anyway xD.
    I already cleaned up the giant mess of candy wrappers left from last night, but that hardly counts.

  6. Simply do what I Ken-Sama do when it comes time for clean-up. Gather everything in a circle that you have around the room and divide it evenly. Pick out the ones that have the strongest evils and dispose of them first and slowly by slowly crawl down to the least evil. That way you will have cleansed your room of the evil spirits.

    Always, Ken-Sama~

  7. Oh man, you just reminded me I haven't made my bed today. Yikes!