Monday, November 22, 2010


Good Houskeping Part 2
A Fanfioc by MidnightLulz

DBZ char copyright AKIRA something.

Marthat sterwat copyrithg herself

A green lgiht was in the door of Goku's house as goku and gohane fuckd marhta sterawtr.

"Hey can i join in? a voice asked them "sure" goku smiled.

Picolol, who was gokus frend and teacher, walked over behind goku and rubed his nipples

"oh, goku, you got so big" my picolo dick isbig ust thinking bout it"

he bent over goku and put it in his ass.

"oh, fels so good, " picolo said, thrusting in an out of goku's ass, savorying the feel of his tatih anus on his cock

gohan frowned and waltked over to picolo"
"i want to fucekd too, picolo so piclol smiled and groaned. he popped up another dick on his leg, and gohan started fucking on his ass.

Marthat stewerat touched herself and said "i want a big dick in me," so she went over to goku and started to hump his dick

goku grabbed her and pulled her close, and kisd her lips, n she smiled at him.

Just then, chichi came in the house"oh my god" she said, droping her laundry.


Look forward to part three, and an upcoming fanfiction as well!


  1. Is it weird that the worst bit I found about this post was the spelling errors? I mean I know you're doing it on purpose for comedic effect but jaysus!