Saturday, November 20, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different (Slightly NSFW text)

The next bit of Jimmy Nikola requires some extra resources that aren't quite ready yet. As far as releasing the next part goes, the mind is willing, but my body just isn't ready. Page views have dropped to practically nothing, and for good reason, I suppose, since I haven't updated in any reasonable increment for a while now.

To remedy this, I have decided to start a meager quest. A little adventure, if you will. I will write the best fanfiction the world has ever seen, bar none. By best, of course, I mean worse. Also best. It's a quantum thing, you need at least 12 degrees to comprehend the nuances in my fan dreck literature.

I think I'll start off with the first part of this little gem, but if you want something specific, or perhaps to issue a challenge, come at me, bro.

Write in the comments with the comic/mango/animu/tv show/movie/WHATEVER that you want me to write fanfiction for. Crossovers are highly encouraged. The worst/most inconceivable, the better. Also, if you want any tropes or anything included, be sure to list those too.

Without further ado, here is my Desert Eagle Opus:

God houskepping
A fanfic by MidniteLulz


Goku chardged up his power beams ans shot them into the rocks. the rocks blew up and flew intodust and small rocks into the air and goku smiled. good, I am getting dstronger everye day"  he said, smilingly.

He flew over to gohan and said "my son, we muts go home now and have food for dinner, so the ye went. whent hey were flying, gohan dtouched goku's dick, and goku smiled at him. "I will teach you to be a man yet, he said, and rubbed gonans butt. they french kissed in midair, but they arrived home, and Chi-Chi was waiting outside.

"oh, goku, i was waiting. we have a guest. Her name is martha stwerat and she is a really good housmaker who will help us keep clean.

"sonds like somone to have sex with" goku smiled

Martha stewart was inside, making an Autumn Guoud stew for Goku and gohan.

"oh, hi, i am martha stewatr. you must be goku"

Goku put his finger on her lips and said told her to "shush". he took his cloths off, and she smiled at him.
"i have this beautiful ring of spring colors to decorate dyour boner, goku" goku smilled at her and went supersayin his pubac hair sprugn up and turned gold like the color of supersyain ahair, and it was long like SSJ3 (but gohan SSJ3 color, not Goku). Marthat stewrat smiled and bent over to suck on gokus' dick.

she licked his penis and stuck it into her mouth "OHG od thevt feels so good aornd my dick" goku said, grabbing her hair.

"marhat asteweart smiled around his dick and grabbed a roast turky paninnin she made and rubbed it all over his thighs. he moaded with extaxy.

"hey dad, don't cur me no slack" gohan said, and walke up bhind martha stwerats. He pulled his dick out and jammed it in her hot pusy.

"oh fuck me in the as" she said, screaming.

"gohan, fuck at same time as me" goku insturcted, and kissed Gohan with his tongue.

goku and gohan kisd each other not sa father n son, but as lovers, as they pentrated martha stewart in both ends.

Suddenly, a flash of green light appeared, and a shadwoy figure walked in the door. "Hey, can I join in?"

to be continue? :O:O:O

So, come at me bro. Give me your best shot for fanfiction ideas. I assure you, my body is ready.

Is yours?


  1. Fists of the North Star/Charles Shultz Peanuts crossover. Or The Walking Dead/Peanuts Crossover fanfiction. Yeah.

    Marthat Stewrat. That is gold.

  2. >whathefuckamireading.jpg
    Thank you. I didn't know what to say.

    If you are serious about the fanfiction, how about doing one for Samurai Jack? Does he defeat Aku and go back to his own time? God I miss Samurai Jack cartoons.

  3. Courage the cowardly dog and... Donnie Darko? yeah.

    also, what the fuck was that shit? jesus christ. I'm not complaining, but damn. I don't know what else to say