Thursday, October 28, 2010


So, lately I've been reading a bunch of quotes. Not the usual inspiration quote thing, that's a whole 'nother can of worms. No, I've been reading quotes for entertainment. Most of them are from IRC channels, a large majority of them deal with nerd culture, and huge amounts are less quotes and more anecdotes. Either way, it's a great way to kill time that could otherwise be spent doing something productive. This operates on the "Just one more" principle that makes TVTropes so addicting.

The site in question is the Quote Database.

Not really sure how regularly it is updated, but there are plenty of quotes on there, ranging from mildly funny to wildly hilarious. You probably already know about it, or at least have heard about it, but now I'm taking a thing that was already popular and exposing it to more light! I'm like an "INTERNET CORRESPONDANT" for mainstream media. QND is like the new lolcats, a year after the fact.

But, you aren't here for my rise to trash rag reporting fame. You are here for adventuring. If you haven't gathered, this post relates to that aspect in a manner most tangential. To be truthful, I was hard at work writing the blog post in the hopes of getting it up before midnight (an hour ago). Funny thing, Blogger lies when it says it saves your work. Ha. Ha ha ha. That is funny, isn't it? Unless you want a post saying "YOU ARE RED JENCY" (Which is inaccurate, since I decided to wait on that bit until later), the post is far from ready.

Well. Time for more quotes, and possibly unconsciousness. Hopefully in that order. I will finish the post in the morning, I promise, and if I don't, may the internet be slightly irate at me until they realize the internet has experienced the Porn Singularity, and they go off to pursue other matters (matter-bation, as the term is commonly known.)


  1. >TVTropes

    Nooooo.... not again!

  2. I hadn't checked out the quotes in awhile. I had forgotten why I tried to stay away. Like you said, and I quote, "YOU ARE RED JENCY"

    [ engineer56] im learn python
    [@selcouth] i'd suggest english


  3. We always had fun with TVtropes in networking class.

  4. I fucking hate/love TVtropes. My largest gripe with it is when people try to write stories based on tropes instead of seeing what tropes are in their story that they have made.