Wednesday, October 20, 2010


"Holy shit..."

You sheath your sword and start heading for an entrance again.

"H-hey, wait up!"

Ohgodhe'sfollowingyou. Don't panic, Jimmy. Just remain calm. Just ignore him and maybe he'll go away.

The man catches up to you, huffing slightly.

"My name is Richard. Richard Astley. No relation to the singer. Tesla, huh? That's an, uh... interesting name."

Oh jesus. You stare at him, eyes bugging out of your head. He's going to say that it's a fake name. He's going to call your bluff and then where will you be? What, are you going to argue with him that it's your real name? Are you going to confess that you lied and be back to square one? What next?

The man steps back -somewhat startled- and raises his hands defensively. "Hey, don't get me wrong, guy! It's a fine name. Tesla! Right on! Ha... haha..."

You turn back around. Looks like you get to play pretend a little longer. Now then, where is this exit?

The hallway ahead glows with the dim green light of the exit sign, mounted above a door. Perfect. You head for it.

"Whoah, buddy! You do NOT wanna go out there. Trust me. If you're looking for a way out, some people said they were gonna go by the rooftops. I was gonna go with them, but a bunch of those blue guys cut me off. But hey, I bet they're no problem for you, right? Eheh..."

Hmm. What do?

[]Go through the Emergency Exit
[]Follow Rick up the stairs to the roof
[]Go back to the main entrance and try something else


  1. [x] Main entrance.

    I'm sleepy, and will not explain myself :3

  2. [x] Follow Rick up to the stairs to the roof

  3. NO! That dude will totally roll us.

    It is time:


  4. [X] Follow Rick up the stairs to the roof

  5. Don't go through the exit.
    Follow Rick. He sounds like a trustworthy guy. I don't see him trolling you at all.

  6. [x]Go back to the main entrance and try something else