Wednesday, October 6, 2010


"Hmm. What to do..."

You ponder your choices.

"I guess... that church is my best bet for getting out of here. I'm on 25th street right now, so I could stop by the graveyard on my way over, and maybe look into that waffle shop."

Your stomach growls. You aren't used to this much action in a day. It's made you very hungry. You eat ONE (1) of your GAMER FUEL bars. You have 3 remaining.

"So... I guess I should get going, then..."

You climb down the fire escape and unlatch the ladder, causing it to slide down its railing and hit the ground with a loud crash. The zombies in the street slowly jerk to face you.


You speed down the ladder as fast as cautiously possible, and make it down to ground level in a minute flat.

"I did it!"

You turn around to find a balloon floating above you, proclaiming "CONGRATULATIONS!" You smile for a second, before realizing the balloon in question is attached by some string to the arm of a zombie in a tuxedo. The zombie stares blankly at you, chewing on its tongue. You are frozen in place, as the zombie turns its attention to the balloon instead. You shuffle past it and run into the street.

The rest of the zombies are starting to close in on you.

"Shit! This isn't going to work."

You leap back up the ladder to the safety of the fire escape. Once there, you log back onto F.O.R.T.U.N.E.

Tesla!CoilpuFjLo  Fri, Oct 1 20X0 10:26 Post. 5960812
Help, I'm trapped on my fire escape, I can't get down. All I have is a sword, I can't clear out these zombies just with that. What do I do? 

You wait for a reply, and in only a few moments, one appears.

Bromander(Bro-kemon #004)!ChAriZ4rDo Fri, Oct 1 20X0 10:28 Post. 5960825
Just a sword? What do you have it Enhanced with? Anything yet? You should try adding some CC, bro, like some slow or stun or some shit. You got anything like glue or a turtle or something. I Enhanced my shotty with a container of superglue and got the "STICK IT TO 'EM" Blastgun. It's basically a shotgun, except it roots them to the ground for a couple of seconds. It's saved my ass in quite a few situations. You got anything like that?

That seems like... a really good idea. You're kind of frustrated that you hadn't thought of it yet. You have TWO VERTICAL SLOTS on your ENHANCEMENT GRID.

Let's take a look at your inventory.

Hmm. What if...

Oh shit... It's...




HOLY SHIT, YES! You've unlocked a new WEAPON! You can switch to this weapon from your normal one at any time, simply by Enhancing your sword with the Cirno figurine.

Tesla!CoilpuFjLo  Fri, Oct 1 20X0 10:30 Post. 5961002

Equipped with your new weapon, you leap down to street level, confronting the zombie horde head on.

"You guys should..."

You swing your sword through a zombie, turning it to ice instantly, before spinning around and kicking it in the chest, shattering it into shards.

"Chill out."

You begin to hack your way through the horde.

((Sorry for the short post, DAT PHOTOSHOPPAN took way too long. I'll have more of a post either later tonight or early tomorrow.)) 


  1. I plugged your blog in my latest post, because I really like reading Jimmy.

    If you don't want me plugging your blog to my readers and whatnot, let me know and I'll take it down. But if you dig this, maybe do a post like this of your own? :D Mine's gonna be weekly.

  2. Sounds like a neat idea. I might just do something like that.

  3. "You guys should..."
    "Chill out."

    :D Awesome

    That sword is bad-ass too >:D

  4. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading this.

    Keep it up!

  5. love the commitment ... keep it up

  6. I don't know what to think of this yet. I want more!

  7. Wow this is really interesting looking story will be following

  8. Interested to see how the story turns out, and look forward to more