Tuesday, October 5, 2010


[X] Fight

The zombie lunges towards you, grasping for you with claw-like fingers.

"I... I..."

You scurry backwards, away from the thing's hungry advance.

"How can I fight them. I'm just... just a nerd. I can't even..."

The zombie pauses in your doorway, staring you down. It slowly hunkers down as it gets ready to leap.

"No way... I can't..."

Suddenly, a voice rings in your head.

"Giving up already?"

Your eyes fly open in shock. Who...? You look around your room, and your eyes happen onto a figurine of Kamina, highlighted by some chance in a beam of sunlight.

"You aren't going to give up before you've even started, are you? What kind of life is that?! Jimmy, don't believe in yourself! Believe in me who believes in you!"

The zombie howls and leaps at you.


You draw your sword.



You swing your sword at the zombie, who leans backwards slightly. The point of your sword narrowly grazes its tattered shirt. The zombie advances, swiping at you. You parry his blows with your blade before jumping backwards over your fallen chair. You almost slip on the trash, but lock your foot into the armrest of the chair, steadying yourself. You seize on this opportunity by kicking with the locked foot, sliding the chair into the zombie's shins, knocking him flat onto his face.

He reaches out at your leg, nearly grabbing hold before you jump onto the bed. You leap off the other side of the bed and back up to the door, turning at the last minute to come face to face with another zombie. It grabs you by the shoulders and bites at your face. Your hands hold back death by inches as you squeeze its cheeks, trying to find a way to hold it that doesn't involve losing a digit.


The zombie on the ground below you is starting to get up. Another zombie is walking into the door as well. This won't end well. You push the zombie a bit away from you, but you can't hold him back forever. The zombie behind you has stood almost all the way up, and now the third zombie is reaching greedily over the second's shoulders. A fourth zombie enters the doorway. 


It's...  it's over. There is no way you can beat them. You are just a weak little shut-in, you probably couldn't take a zombie one-on-one, let alone one-on-four. 

The third zombie grabs your wrists, yanking you closer to the second. The fourth is attacking your standing lamp. You accept your fate. You had never expected to live a life worth living, and this is pretty much the best way you envisioned dying. Too bad you never got to see the next season of MOE MOE MAIDOS: THE SEQUELNATOR. And it looked so... so...



You let go of the second zombie and headbutt him, whiplashing his head back into the third's. You twist your arms around and grab onto the third zombie's arms, pulling the both of them tightly together. With a pivot of your waist, you drop the three of you onto the first zombie, swinging your assailants into the legs of your desk. You scutter out of the ensuing mass of groping limbs and climb onto your bed. 

In a few moments, the zombies rise and reach over the bed for you, but you pay them no attention as you run across your bed to the wall. The zombies climb onto your bed at the same moment that you step onto the wall and pivot yourself off, blade whirling. You hack through all 3 of their necks in one blow. A clean cut.

Zombie blood sprays backwards from their severed necks, coating the wall of your bedroom, and your desk. It's all over your computer. Gross. You just... you just killed 3 zombies.


You just killed 4 zombies... Your legs begin to quake. Adrenaline streaks through your body as you are overcome by emotions you had long since forgotten about. Rage, pride, the white-hot intensity of manly spirit. The familiar dread hovering in the back of your mind, threatening to cloud it all. You have never felt more alive.

Footfalls of the jiving dead coming up the stairwell reach your ears. You enter your living room to find your barricade a dismal mess. If you want to continue feeling alive, you had better act fast. You push the couch into the doorway. It won't do much, but it might buy you a few crucial seconds.

With one last look of bittersweet sorrow, you leave your apartment, perhaps for good.

You head out your kitchen window, onto the fire escape. You shiver, but you're not sure whether it is from fear, or cold. Neither is in short supply. You used to have social anxiety. People and crowds made you nervous. You were terrified of simple conversation. As you stare down at the wandering dead, you can't help but laugh. At least now you have a reason to be afraid. With the window closed behind you, and the couch-barricade you have a bit of time before the zombies find you, let alone break through. Time to decide what you're going to do. You open your smart-phone (Battery: 98%) and log onto F.O.R.T.U.N.E.

"Tesla!CoilpuFjLo Fri Oct 1, 20X0 10:23 Post. 5960655

Just killed 4 zombies in my house. Not sure what I'm going to do now. I'm on the fire escape outside my apartment. There aren't any zombies in the alley below, and only a few on the street. They're not that fast, so I should be able to get around them if I have to. What do I do now? _| ̄|○"

You ponder for a second, then add:

"What are you guys doing? Is there somewhere safe where people are meeting up? Should I just get out of the city?"

You sit and wait for a response as you listen to the zombies inside tear up your apartment looking for you.

Respond with communique and advice for Jimmy in the comments. The one which Jimmy likes the most will be chosen. Try to stay in character ((OOC if you have to)) but you don't have to if you don't want to.

Choice will be chosen at 4:00 Pacific Standard Time tomorrow (Oct 6).


  1. Go to the graveyard on 23rd street just three blocks down from the Wal-Store. There's some people giving out supplies like ammunition and food and medicine. Better hurry. Looks like they're going to run out within the hour.

  2. Tesla!CoilpuFjLo wrote:

    The graveyard? Man, why would I want to go to the graveyard when ZOMBIES are attacking? That's like going to a volcano when you're on fire :<.

    Plus, the thought of all those people, angry and stuff...

  3. Zombies!hLVaKoqDNUOctober 5, 2010 at 8:34 PM

    Last I heard a bunch of people were meeting up at a safehouse set up at some wafflehouse in the downtown shopping center.

  4. The other parts of the Adventure are located in the Archive, go ahead and catch up.

  5. We're currently locked up in the church, with an ample supply of weapons and rations, but we're planning to make a break for the countryside soon. We can't stay here forever. The zombies are slowly breaking down the door.

    We're gonna leave in an armored church bus, and if you can time your arrival with our escape, we'll be glad to pick you up.

    Down 22nd street, not too far from that graveyard that was mentioned. We're planning to leave in about 2 hours. It's only me, a priest, and some snobby teenager, but we should be fine.

    I don't advise you coming any earlier or any later, it's not a pretty situation. If you do come early, though, just sneak around the back and knock on the basement doors. We'll let you in.

    Also, the priest is sniping them down from the bell tower. If you come anywhere near the church, wave your arms around like a madman so we know it's you. I know it seems like a bad idea, but that priest is a good shot. He'll cover you.

  6. oh lol, that was funny stuff :P

  7. Oh man, I have to read this whole blog and really get into this.

  8. Tesla!CoilpuFjLo wrote:

    I guess I can try to go to the church. I'm a little worried about getting shot at/eaten.

    2 hours isn't that long...

  9. I don't think we're gonna get too far with just a sword. Do we have something we can upgrade it with now? What about that figurine, what does it do for us?

  10. Great post, zombies are awesome :D

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  12. "What's your name? Do you have weapons? Have you been bitten? There's a bunch of us waiting by Corroner's Street, waiting to ransack that big mall on Mansion Avenue for supplies but the mall is riddled with zombies so the more we got on our team, the easier it's gonna be. Regardless of where you wanna go, you won't stay alive without food and water. Eyes on the back of your head helps too. The raid begins at noon. You got 90 minutes to get your ass over here and prove your life's worth living."

    EDIT: Forgot to add location. Fixed it now.