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The darkness of the building hovers all around you, held at bay only by the faint glow of your sword. From what you have seen, it appears to be some sort of office building. You've peeked into quite a few offices. Some are perfectly tidy, and you seem to recall that there will likely be many infected people calling in sick before the zombie outbreak starts. That happens a lot in movies. These pristine offices are almost as unnerving as the ones with furniture in disarray and blood splatters everywhere. The juxtaposition paints a grim before-and-after image.

Perhaps even MORE unnerving than the remnants of slaughter, are the missing pieces of said remnants. Case in point, there are no bodies, inanimate or otherwise, anywhere to be seen. The arm you had seen from the entrance was just a mannequin arm, and your repeated attacks (with sobbing as extra bonus damage), had swiftly dispatched it before it had time to become some sort of crazy Silent Hill mannequin monster beast.

With no easily-dispatched zombies waiting for you, the illusion that this is merely some game is beginning to wear off, and real fear is setting in once more. You can't find the exit. Where is the exit? Out of the corner of your eye, you see a blue light down the hallway. Is it an exit sign? You dash in that direction, coming to a dead stop in front of a dead end. Stairs lead up to your left, but no door to be seen. No lights either. There is no exit here, THEN WHO WAS LIGHT? Agh. You're creeping yourself out. This building is empty, the zombies have probably just gone out onto the street to find more prey. Gotta get  a hold of yourself. Gotta calm down. Let's browse some F.O.R.T.U.N.E. See if we can't find any animus or something a little calmer.

ResidentZombologist!bR4INS63rM Fri, Oct 1 20X0 11:18 Post. 5961400
Okay, sorry for the delay. I'm back. My laptop is being used for an Enhancement, so my typing is also kind of slow (I was back about 5 minutes ago). This pad thing is really hard to use. It'll be worth it in time, (Craft-Enhancing is awesome, I don't get why more people don't do it. So lazy.) Anyhow, I said I would talk about the types of zombies, and yes, I am a man of my word. As the proverb goes, "A good name will shine forever." So, here are some names.

Color: Orange.
These guys are super fierce. They move fast, jump far, and attack quickly. Their bodies seem adapted for speed, they use their eyes more than any other sense, but they are weaker than regular zombies both in strength and defense, and despite relying on it more than zombies, their eyesight is actually pretty terrible.

Color: Purple
These guys have long arms that dangle down to their ankles. They have exceptionally good hearing, and when they hear something, they will throw their arm, which can stretch out to almost 50 feet. It has hooks on the end, which will try to spear, or failing that, latch onto whatever they can grab. They then reel it back in, where they will wrap their arms around it and tear it to shreds with their hooks and teeth. These ones aren't that bright either, they will attack pretty much anything if they hear it make a sound.

Color: Red

Color: Blue
Not actually ghosts. The name seems fitting, though. These ones are kind of tricky. They are capable of controlling their aura, appearing to merely be a normal zombie, but when they spot prey, they will emit a flash of blue light and then disappear. They are completely invisible but for periodic bursts of aura, and are capable of climbing on walls and ceilings. They are not very strong, but they seem to hunt in packs, and show a bit more intelligence than the other zombies.

That's all I've seen so far, so I'll keep observing them and let you know what I find. I'm mostly safe in here, but I'm in the Clock Tower a few blocks to the east of the mall, if anybody wants to stop by, I would be extremely grateful. Please message me before you do though, I have an escape plan, but I don't think it would be wise to just charge into the fray.

That's helpfu-

That last bit of the post. The Ghost. You don't think.. could...

Your grip tightens on your sword as a flash of blue illuminates the corridor. The only sound is your heart beating rapidly in your chest. At least it is, until you hear a deep growling directly next to your ear.

[]Swing wildly, hoping to kill the zombies.
[]Run up the stairs, away from the noise
[]Duck and roll, running away back into the main hallway
[]Try to use something in your inventory to help you
Vote in comments, you can also continue to post through F.O.R.T.U.N.E, asking questions or addressing each other or certain characters. Most comments in that regard will be canon, although you are just random people posting on the internet, so you can't like say "GOOD NEWS EVERYONE, I'VE INVENTED A DEVICE THAT KILLS ALL ZOMBIES FOREVER." I doubt you are Professor Farnsworth, even though you did just read that in his voice.
(Inventory for reference (Your Blade of 9 is gaining experience quite nicely, as well):)


  1. [x] Something from inventory.

    Maybe something will help you see them or something? My first guess would be the phone. Or I wonder what would happen if you used both the USB and the solar charger? :o

  2. Blue = ghost zombie. They go in packs, and have a tad more intelligence?

    [X]Duck and roll, running away back into the main hallway

  3. [x]Swing wildly, hoping to kill the zombies.

  4. [x]Run up the stairs, away from the noise

  5. [x]Run up the stairs, away from the noise

    Is there anyway you can jump from one building to the next? (assuming the buildings are about 2/3 meters apart)


    To break the tie, I am changing my vote:
    [x] Something from inventory.
    [x] Swing wildly.

    Hope that's okay :D