Tuesday, October 12, 2010


[X] Go through a building

"Well... the street is blocked off here. I could walk back and try to find a way around it, or I could just walk through this building and go out the side-door..."

You scrutinize the dimly lit corridor of the building through the broken glass in the door-frame. You carefully scribe into your mind the patterns of the splashes of blood on the walls and the floor. You make a mental note of the limp and splotchy arm lying half-in, half-out of a doorway. Hmm.
Now to compare. You turn around and look at the street behind you. There is a dead zombie (double-dead, not just dead dead, which is the usual state for zombies) and a bunch of assorted trash.

"Yeah, I'll just turn around." 

So saying, you turn and start to head back the way you came, when suddenly a zombie clown rounds the corner, honking its way towards victory. It pauses in its merry undead shuffle and looks directly at you.

"Oh god, clown zombies? You have to be ki-" 
Another clown zombie rounds the corner, bumping into the first one. A third joins them, and then a huge, lumbering zombie bear in a top hat rounds the corner as well, snarling and puffing on a comically large pipe.

You turn and run into the dark and foreboding building. 


"Do you think he's coming back?" 

Nancy's face was a mask of worry as she stared out into the throngs of zombies, searching for the man who had dove out of their safehouse.

"He's fine."

Red Jency looks up at her, taking a break from browsing F.O.R.T.U.N.E. and watching news feeds for any word on the situation. Over the last hour, it's been complete radio silence. Somehow, the powers that be have prevented absolutely all coverage of the situation from leaking out onto the internet in any reputable channels. There are tons of blogs and twitters talking about it, but no reputable news sources are giving them any thought. But there will be news about it, for sure. Red is almost done on his end, so if Frank comes through on his promises, the entire world will know what happened here.

Red frowns. Can't play the trump card quite yet. Have to wait. Have to make sure, first of all, that these good people get out safely.  

"Frank found Sal there, and made it through the mall without a scratch. However odd he is, I'm sure he can take care of himself."

"I suppose you're right..." Nancy says,  squeezing Drew's arm a little tighter. She isn't relieved so much as  more inclined to be hopeful.  


"Curiouser and curiouser..." Edwin remarked, adjusting his spectacles. The spectacles weren't prescription - in fact, they did not even have any glass in the frame - but if he was going to be a genius, it would do well to look the part. The zombies pushed up against the outside of the tower impotently. The inside bottom floor was already packed full of zombies, and with the elevator doors sealed, Edwin could watch them through the safety glass. He had already judged that there was a good 2 minutes from the arrival of the first crack to penetration, and that was if the zombies were Frenzied. Since the Normals used mostly sound to find their prey, they were oblivious to his presence.

He jotted down notes on a pad of paper. His laptop was currently occupied, busy Enhancing a Touch-Film. (Durable Plastic Film +Enhance Pen Tablet (Level 3)). It was currently only on level 2 right now, so he had it playing several movies, sound-off, to increase the Experience level of the Enhancement.

Once it reached MAX LEVEL, which was probably (with any luck) only Level 3, he would be able to keep the new Film-Computer indefinitely. Since it was basically a piece of plastic with a computer in it, it was far less useful than his laptop, but...
He looked at his digital watch, and back at the Film-Computer.

(Post will be continued shortly)