Thursday, September 30, 2010


Anybody here remember the Bonzi Buddy? You know, that crazy-looking child-molester ape that would sit on your windows and stare at you with dead, dead eyes while it downloaded spyware so ancient that it required you to download actual little men with false mustaches and vaguely european accents into your computer? That guy?
This Motherfucker right here.

Don't you yearn for those days when you could dick around with a purple ape and not have it be some sort of weird fetish/lifestlye? You DO? What the hell is wrong with you? Bonzi Buddy sucked ass.

In any case, now you can have all of the joy of a desktop pet with none of the hassle of digitally feeding it, washing it, defragmenting it, or cleaning up it's e-leavings. Hell, you can even pick them up with your mouse and throw them around, ASPCA be damned!

I am talking about these rad little things called Shimeji. It's made in Japan, so you know it's going to be an excellently redundant and largely useless invention. These little guys walk around your desktop, climb up the sides of your monitor/firefox windows, and split into multiple copies of themselves like fucking gremlins. They also crawl, sit, do other stuff, and GRAB YOUR FUCKING WINDOWS WHILE YOU ARE DOING IMPORTANT STUFF, GOD DAMN IT, GET BACK HERE WITH MY VIDEYA GAEMS, YOU TROLL.

But, seeing is believing, or so atheists say, so have a looksie.


I may have gone a bit overboard for this picture, since they can get a bit resource-intensive (Normally, they will have more copies than shown here, but I wanted to snap the picture before they realized their advantage). However, running three of these little dudes at once shouldn't tax any decent system at all, and they provide hours of entertainment. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT LEAVE IT RUNNING OVERNIGHT. THEY WILL DISCOVER DEMOCRACY AND OVERTHROW YOU.

You can find the original here.

Here is a pack of a shitload of different Shimeji, for your viewing pleasure.

I have to cut this post short, they're acting up a bit.


  1. Just as I finished reading this my Cirno shimeji decided it would be a good idea to grab firefox and toss it off the screen.

  2. Personal, Professional and Ultimate edition?
    I can't read moonspeak, are there actual differences with the various versions?

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    Where I share my experiences with Lucid Dreaming....It's a really good read....

  4. This is awesome! I can imagine these little guys doing their mischief in the middle of an important report. Or messing with a lecturer's notes XD

  5. Ha I remember the purple ape. My dad had that on his computer once, though he ended up getting rid of it. And I don't need any littler buggers messing with my internet time D: So I'll pass on them :(

  6. Oh man, do you remember those little sheep? they were kind of like those but they didn't move your stuff around

    Also, I think you're grand.